Running Construct 2 Games in Android Studio with Cordova

Construct 2 is a cool game engine, which lets you create a html5 game with drop and down
editor and visual coding.
But exporting your game to android and ios version can be very tricky and at times very
frustration (bugs, crash, back screen, etc)
you need to use third-party Services like and intel xdk to convert your html5
games into mobile app ie apk and IPA . which you can then published to App store.
both those service works great and speed up the game performance, but upload testing and
build can take lots of times
You can create app file within your and own computer with the use of Cordova commandline
to set up you need to install node and latest java.

after setting up open your command prompt and install Cordova by typing
npm install -g Cordova.


create your project by typing project name bundle id and app name
cordova create Santa com.mobilezdeveloper.santa SantaRun

go into your project and add platform (android , ios, window , etc)
Cordova platform add android


open android studio and import your project

click ok to use Gradle wrapper

go to construct 2 > export > Cordova
open your exported file, copy all the file and paste in the www folder of your project and can
test your project.

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