Using A/B Split Testing to improve Download

Recently I made the changes in my app page, hoping for the improvement in the app
ranking , but it has got opposite reaction and my app ranking started going down.


luckily I come across to A/B split testing
A/B Split
Testing is a technique many people use to see whether Version A does
better in converting into a download in our case for an app developer in
comparison to Version B
You can do this with everything such as your app description, screenshots, video
previews, names, call to actions, colors, sizes, pricing, landing pages, headlines,
So I decided to run the Testi with my new Icon and old and the result was surprisingly
shocking .
AB split testing result

as you can see my old icon is giving me three times more install , So I instantly change the
icon back to old one.
You can find A/B split section under Store Listing – Experiment

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